Advanced Cad/Cam Service Corporation

Industry: Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services

Associate Engineer - 20

Posted Jun 01, 2017. Categories: troubleshooting, Electrical, Hydraulics
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1 Full Time Positions Availiable

Candidate Responsibilities: Repair equipment, cables, circuit boards, and other test related hardware.

Typical Day: Reaction based position. Responding to calls regarding down machines, test issues, etc.

Technical Skills:Troubleshooting, instrumentation, electrical and hydraulic systems, print reading, software design, hardware design. MS Office 
Associates degree required

Soft Skills: Good communications skills ability to work on a team
Salary: Depends on Experienced.


Company ExperienceNot Required
Industry ExperienceMinimum: year
Academic DegreeMinimum: Associate,
Software Proficiency

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